The family law arena includes divorce (dissolution), legal separation, spousal support, child custody/parenting plans, and child support. In addition, family law addresses modifications to child custody/parenting plans and child support orders, and the relocation of children.

There are many options available to families and individuals involved in family law matters today. These include collaborative law, mediation, and unbundled services, as well as uncontested and other amicable resolutions. These alternative dispute resolution models offer people the opportunity to create their own agreements, and thus reserve traditional litigation as a last resort.

Billie L. Grissom helps couples and families in conflict preserve what is most important to them through active participation that allows them to decide their own future. She is an active and empathetic listener who directly addresses client’s needs. Billie can help you to reach your goals and to thrive, rather than just survive, your divorce or other family law matter.

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